Facewash Tea Tree (Plastic Pump) - 200ml
Clean blemishes, oil, and acne away with Berry Tray’s Tea Tree Face Wash. Benefits: • Helps heal infections • Treats Acne • Soothes and relieves sensitive and irritated skin• Cleanses blemished skin • Reduces oil
Hydrating Toner - 150ml
Give your skin a hydration boost like never before with Berry Tray's Hydrating Toner. It is perfect for removing makeup and oil.
Hydrating Cleanser (Plastic Bottle) - 150ml
It is never too late to treat your skin with hydration. Berry Tray's Hydrating Cleanser is made to give your skin a hydration boost. It is also perfect for removing waterproof makeup and mascara.
Facewash Anti-acne (Plastic Pump) - 200ml
The ultimate acne solution is here to make your life easier. Shop Berry Tray's Anti Acne Face Wash to leave the acne behind.
Facewash Aloe vera (Plastic Pump) - 200ml
Perfect care for your skin is now here. Berry Tray's Aloe Vera Glow Face Wash is made to nourish and lighten your skin.
Shea/Body Butter (Jar) - 100ml
Contains the goodness of shea butterContains Vitamin ESafe for all skin typesContains antioxidantsRemoves dullness and drynessHydrates skinAnti-inflammatory agentFull of antioxidantsAnti-bacterialHelps to prevent acneHelp reduces stretch marks and scarsSoothes sunburn and rashesDon’t forget to use on neckline, elbows, and anklesThe best...
Deep Hydration Cream (Jar) - 50ml
Contains Vitamin BKeeps skin hydrated for 48 hoursContains antioxidantsSafe for all skin typesPrevent drynessReduces skin dullness Keeps skin freshHelps good blending of foundation on the skinGiven extra glowControls extra oil from the skinFight against acneReduces skin itching, irritation and soothes...
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